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“Knack gives me the tools I need to go from sold to shipped. I'm really excited to be an early seller!”


Creative Consultant & Artist

What's included

No matter where you are in your creative or selling journey, Knack is designed to work out of the box to quickly get your brand, your products, and your services listed, discovered, and sold. 


Managing your inbox, customer service, and orders at once can be difficult and usually requires expensive, complex systems.

Our fully integrated Marketplace combines the best of accounting, payments, order management, and analytics to maximize the value of each order, from sale through to shipping.

Request your invitation, and we'll show you how we're completely changing how small business entrepreneurs manage and grow their online businesses through Knack.



Free Shipping

That's right. We cover the cost of shipping when your art sells.

The goal of Knack is to help small business entrepreneurs maximize their earnings by shortening the time it takes to go from Sold to Shipped.

We accomplish this through our fully integrated shipping suite that automatically generates a shipping label and tracking code for each item sold and automatically notifies your customer with shipping updates.

A Powerful Dashboard


As a Small Business owner, it's important to have complete control over your products, services, and brand.

With our powerful dashboard, you can easily manage and explore your data and stay on top of payouts, customer reviews, and messages.



A Vibrant Community

Looking to connect with like-minded small business entrepreneurs?

Our Facebook group is the perfect place to share your successes, get feedback, and grow your business.

With hundreds of passionate members, you'll always find someone to bounce ideas off of or collaborate with.

So what are you waiting for?

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