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Sarah Ghanooni

Sarah comes from a diverse background of Mexican and Middle Eastern heritage, and that has shaped her creative style.

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Lisa Daniels

Specializing in abstract art inspired by architecture and nature, Lisa works in Interior Design focusing on art and luxury homes.

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Angelina Mayorova

Angelina's artwork is focused on vivid abstract florals. She challenges herself to create recognizable objects on canvas with rough palette knife strokes.

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Tina Ostrander

Tina is an artist, software developer, college instructor, mother, and wife. She practices creating fluid art, whether on canvas, mannequins, jewelry, or tile.

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Liphus Swindall

Liphus works primarily in mixed media with a nontraditional approach to landscapes. He uses textural elements to express both bold and subtle aspects of his environment.

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Stephen Sullivan

With over 20 years of experience, Stephen Sullivan is one of the most sought-after portrait artists in the country. 

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Austin Picinich

Austin Picinich is a 17-year-old acrylic painter merging realism with imagination and uses bright colors to make paintings pop. Much of his work has been commissions, which has expanded his skillset and diversity. Follow Austin's journey as he sets out to solidify his name in the PNW art scene.

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A day in the life at Knack

Take a peak behind the scenes at Knack as we follow the early-stage founder and explore how the product is built, designed, and maintained.

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